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Biographical Workshops

The biographic workshop lasts for three days (Friday, Saturday and Sunday). The workshops consists of lectures about the laws of human development, artistic activities, individual tasks and working together in the small group.

Following this intensive workshop will be six monthly sessions where what has been experienced will be consolidated and developed further, through clay modelling and social exercises.

Place: Almoçageme or at a venue to be concorded
Duration: 3 days
Participants: minimum 3 people, and maximum 4.
Cost: the weekend workshop plus complete board and accomomodation 250 EUR.
Facilitator: Ana Abreu


A human life, a biography, is not usually a simple straight line. Using our memories we can begin to understand our biography as a being in time, an organism that grows, that forms, that evolves. Each single individual has a story which is continually evolving, as it self, but also as part of the cosmic evolution. Through such a study the essence of the human being becomes visible. Only a being that consists of body, soul, and spirit is able to transform with its "I" the course of a life , to write a biography into the cosmos.

For whom are these workshops?

Each one of us passes through life crisis and each of us would like to know more profoundly the significance of our lives. We have the wish to understand better how to take the next steps, to meet the challenges of the future.

The biographical workshop is for anyone seeking a richer relationship to himself, or to others, and to life in general. It is for adults of any age.

The biographic work intends to develop in each individual the following: