Forms for Marble

How can a form affirm soul and spirit?

It must have a language that has been researched , and discovered . It must know the laws of the physical, material world, but also the living world,e.g. forms of plants, ( see here the descriptions of the modelling courses for an elaboration of this ). More it must speak a language of soul both sympathetic and antipathetic, rich and expressive in the full soul palette. And to this must be added something which is then of the spirit, both individual and universal.

This is what the sculptor seeks in these works. He is using one of the classical sculptors materials, marble. Out of the possibilities of his learnt language of form he enters into conversation with each individual piece, each given quality of the specific marble he is working with. It is each time a new conversation, it must be , since it is every time a different situation. It is a process that ends only when it has reached a satisfactory , aesthetic conclusion.

Much could be said here that is similar to the work of The Book of the Olive. For what is researched and discovered here in the sculptural processes with the marble are new discoveries, and new researches into the nature of the human soul and spirit.

Gravestone Gravestone (Stuttgart Waldfriedhof)
Total height: 1m (stone 40cm)
Marble: Wachau, Austria


Striving Striving
Height: 50cm
Marble: Izmir, Turkey


New Growth New Growth
Height: 25cm
Marble: Izmir, Turkey


Mountain Mountain
Height: 50cm
Marble: Port d'oro, Italy
Base of marble: Izmir, Turkey


Clean Break Clean Break
Height: 70cm
Marble: Estremoz, Portugal
Base of Adraga limestone, Portugal


Cradle Cradle
Height: 40cm
Marble: Estremoz, Portugal
Mahogany base