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Michael Motteram

Michael Motteram Curriculum

Born 26 May 1952, Redhill, Great Britain


1970-75 Biological Studies at the University of Plymouth and Surrey College of Technology leading to M.I.Biol. ( Membership of the Institute of Biology ).
1981-82 Completed Foundation Year of Anthroposophical Studies at Emerson College*, this college was founded in 1962 by Francis Edmunds with the support of North American colleagues. (* Named after Ralph Waldo Emerson, leading American Romantic Philosopher, Poet and Essayist )
1986-89 Sculpture Training at Emerson College. Waldorf Education training course at Michael Hall.

Selected Conferences and Workshops attended:

1992 International Visual Arts (Architecture) Conference in Jarna, Sweden: Opening of new Culture House on campus.
1991-95 Attendance at the annual Visual Arts Conferences in Dornach, Switzerland.
1994 Curative Education/ Social Therapy International Conference in Dornach, Switzerland: 70 years anniversary of Rudolf Steiner’s Curative Education Course.
2002 Kolisko Conference Medical/Pedagogical, Lahti, Finland
2005 Iberian Peninsular Kindergarten Conference: Modern Media and Children, Portugal
2006 Hannover International Kindergarten Conference: Artists in Time, Germany


1975-81 Wrote short stories, novels, poems,and drew cartoon strips. Experience with alternative technology, eco- communities, astrology and anthroposophy, Nant-y-Cym, Wales.
1982-86 Joined a Camphill Community, Scotland, to work with people with special needs. Exploration of new social impulses based on the work of Rudolf Steiner and Karl Koenig. Wrote a collection of poems, and a play for the community to be performed at Easter. Responsible for a Bio-dynamic garden and garden workshop for the residential community.
1988-90 Curative teaching work at Camphill The Mount , Tunbridge Wells, Sussex, England.
Waldorf school practical experience at Snowdonia Steiner School, Wales.
At Garvald, West Linton, Scotland another social therapy community, joined as short-term co-worker, with special responsiblity to manage a summer holiday group of people with special needs, in the absence of the regular staff members.
1990-96 Joined Dorfgemeinschaft Lautenbach, Germany, another social therapeutic community with origins in Camphill, but expanded with further impulses from Netherlands Pedagogical Institute ( Bernard Lievegoed and Lex Bos ) and from the Hardenburg Institute ( Karl-Martin Dietz ).
As co-worker in various residential care situations; guiding people with special needs in a workshop for Garden Furniture and for curative education for adolescents.
Trainer in the Social Therapy Training Course held at Lautenbach.
Opened first sculpture studio, where in addition to Form Research, carried out design work for new products for the therapeutic workshops.
1996-2003 Move to Italy to pioneer a new social therapeutic initiative with Associazione Loic, Rome.
Co-founder of the first anthroposophical social therapeutic training in Italy.
Representative from Italy ( 1999-2003) in a project of the ECCE ( European Cooperation for Curative Education ) and CESTE ( Curative Education and Social Therapy in Europe ) with additional funding from the Leonardo da Vinci Project. This had as its aim to create a Handbook for Curative Education and Social Therapy which would act as a basis to promote collaboration internationally in this field of work.
Biodynamic garden work , especially with an olive tree grove.
Opened a second sculpture studio particularly in connection with : Book of the Olive, a sculptural project.
2004 Co-founded with Ana Abreu the cultural impulse LAZZARUS in Portugal, to encourage self development (“awakening the will”) through artistic and biographical work and to promote Waldorf Education through workshops, lectures, artistic experiences, etc.
Work as a freelance sculptor.