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Who We Are

Ana is Portuguese and remembers vividly the 25th of April, 1974 and has worked hard to realise some of the dreams the Portuguese dared to have at that moment. She has gathered a lot of varied experience as biographical and art therapist in Brasil, kindergarten teacher in Portugal, and Waldorf school teacher trainer on the Iberian peninsula and islands. She likes very much to visit Britain, and especially its gardens.

Michael is British but already as a young boy gathered four years of mediterranean experience on the island of Malta. Art has played an important part in his life, first as writer and poet and later as sculptor. For many years he worked in various therapeutic communities/or what today are called ecovillages, living together with people in need of special care.

From our perception there is a growing wave of interest in Waldorf education in Portugal. We try then to encourage people in their initiatives. We invite them to participate in the Waldorf formation. Or we offer subsequent workshops with clay modelling, sculpture , painting or biographical work in order that the initiatives can be strengthened by the inner growth of the individuals , or that the social processes needed to sustain the initiative become enlivened, and more conscious.

Ana continues to work in the training of Waldorf Kindergarten teachers, in a training that is based in the Lisbon area. She also gives consultations and advice to individuals or groups on matters related to Waldorf Education.

Oficina Didactica, Lisbon :
April, 2005 The Importance of Play: symposium
May, June and October, 2005 Introduction to Waldorf Education
June, 2006 To a better understanding of play and toys
November 2006 and February, March 2007 The Significance of Fairy Tales
Pena Palace, Sintra: April-June,2007 Various activities for children: marionette theatre, and festivals to celebrate Easter and Whitsun
Associação PENTA, Madeira: December, 2004: Pedagogia Waldorf
January, 2007: Art and Pedagogia Waldorf ( with Clay modelling and Watercolour Painting )
Associação Peróla Mae, Faro : July 2005 :Archetypes of Colour and Form ( watercolour painting and clay modelling )
March 2007 :Introduction to Anthroposophy ( lectures and artistic activities-watercolour painting and clay modelling )
Associação Infância Viva, Lagos: October 2006 Nutrition in the first seven years
Espaço Descoberta, Azeitão: September 2006 Introduction to Waldorf Education
Centro de Actividades Pedagógicas Alda Guerreiro, Vila Nova de Santo André : December 2005 :Introduction to Waldorf Education
March 2006 :The Kindergarten
(A)crescer na diversidade, Tomar: June 2005 Introduction to Waldorf Education
Infancoop, Caldas da Rainha : May 2005 Introduction to Waldorf Education


Germany,1996 Dorfgemeinschaft Lautenbach, Lake of Constance.
Reprospective of: ceramic, plaster, wood carved,and marble pieces. Some product designs and graphic works.
Italy, 1997 Palazzo San Michele, Rome.
Exhibition of olivewood works from Book of the Olive.
Cascais 2005: Individual Exhibition - Beyond the Material
Monserrate, Sintra 2006: Land Art Symposium at Monserrate Park
Lisbon Ministério das Finanças 2007: Collective Exhibition- pieces from Book of the Olive, Forms for Marble and Sculptures in Garden Settings.